Let’s buzz the tower

Check this here out! While at Oshkosh, Mike was interviewed by the EAA. They’ve just put up the whole thing (about 41 minutes) at their “Timeless Voices” channel on their website! So, if you want to hear more about Mike’s carreer in aviation and some Chicken Wings stories, go here!

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6 comments on “Let’s buzz the tower
  1. Laviator says:

    Chuck’s student?

  2. Karl Winters says:

    Loved the EAA interview!

  3. England says:

    Did someone mention food? Now that’s MY favourite subject, as my human daddy will testify. I do hope there will be plenty of carrots and apples on the menu!

  4. stef says:

    Do horses eat grass? For some reason I get the impression that that is big on your diet!

  5. RG says:

    I feel for him, man. It’s terrible doing something awesome, and nobody noticing… XD

  6. England says:

    Yes Stef your right, but to much lush grass, can make a horse poorly. But I will eat any thing, hay, pony nuts, sugar free mint “Polo’s” (in the UK that’s what humans call a sweet which they suck, in the US it’s candy?) I must say that my human daddy spoils me, but then as I’ve heard him say “I’m lovely with it.”

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