Look and think ahead

The plane you see in this strip is supposed to be the “China Doll”, a Curtiss-Wright C-46 based in Camarillo, CA. Since Mike used to work in Camarillo for a long time, he grew fond of it and that’s why we decided to feature it in one of our strips.

And yes, I know, the scale is a bit off. But otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to fit it in the pictures.

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2 comments on “Look and think ahead
  1. Antonious says:

    Scale, schmael. Chuck wouldn’t recognize something out of scale if it hit him. Oh! Wait! It did.

    When I was in sixth grade I was very fond of the P51-D Mustang. I found a really nice picture of it in the Encyclopedia Britannica in our classroom. I spent many study halls drawing and redrawing copies of that plane until mine looked just like the one in the book. I wonder what it would look like if I tried now. Nah, I will stick to memories.

  2. Meganite says:

    At least it wasn’t ON when he walked into it O_O

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