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Pilot license lottery

We all know that there seems to be a lottery for drivers licenses. Just the other day, I experienced a lucky winner on the road! Is it the same with pilot licenses? If so, I guess the tickets are more

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Sticky notes

We’re on our way to AERO in Friedrichshafen right now! We’ve really been looking forward to this, because it’s been ages since my brother and I have spent that much time together. And we also look very much forward to

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Online Test

The only thing more annoying than an online test is a badly designed or buggy online test, where the website doesn’t recognize a correct answer as correct, freezes half an hour in, or crashes when you hit the final submit

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Fuel sampling

Avgas and Jet Fuel sure are some nasty chemicals. At least Avgas dries on you very quickly (as the toxic lead gets absorbed into your body most likely) but Jet Fuel stays with you for a long time. I hate

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