Hitting the books

Life is full of little challenges. Right now, I’m challenged by the task of writing something here that doesn’t give away the punchline. Because when we post this on various social media channels, it will pick the first couple of sentences as an excerpt, and when you see me mention … see, if you haven’t read the strip yet, go and read it first and then come back.

So, I think I can safely mention Gary Larson’s The Far Side this far in. I think I remember the first Far Side cartoon I ever saw. It was the kid with a bunch of books under his arm, pushing the door of the school for the gifted. It still is one of my favorites to this day. And I’m sure everyone can name at least a few of their favorite Far Sides! If only the FAR/AIM was as entertaining as that …

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2 comments on “Hitting the books
  1. Edwin Quantrall says:

    “(…)I’m sure everyone can name at least a few of their favorite Far Sides!”


  2. TheDoctor says:

    If I recall, there’s a few good aviation ones in the Far Side. Like the one where the pilots announce turbulence, then throw the plane around in the sky …

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