Pilot license lottery

We all know that there seems to be a lottery for drivers licenses. Just the other day, I experienced a lucky winner on the road! Is it the same with pilot licenses? If so, I guess the tickets are more expensive. I already have a drivers license, so maybe I should buy a ticket for the pilot license lottery! Or search for a friendly A&P mechanic like Julio to sponsor me.

In the meantime, I bought a regular lottery ticket again, the other day. I spent about 6 Euro and won about 3. Think about it, that’s a ROI of 50 percent! Take that, banks with measly 0.1% interest on my savings account! I’m gonna be rich!

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5 comments on “Pilot license lottery
  1. Fabo. says:

    If I didn’t know you’ve a degree in international business, I’d say there’s some explaining to do 😀

  2. JPKalishek says:

    your economics sounds like one of our salesman’s when we were losing $20,000 for every drum we sold, but going on volume he managed to get it down to $10,500!
    Actually once they got the process fully figured out, our profit became almost $10,000 or so per 200 kilo drum, and then we cut the price a bit.

  3. Fbs says:

    Well, this side of the pond, I have a part66 licence and I’m open to proposals to wash my club’s planes 🙂

  4. Pulmoll says:

    Ahh thanks for reminding me to play the lottery again.
    90 Millions in the Eurojackpot now so time to try it (I dont stand up for a measly low two digit million. X))
    I think I will pay your 0.5% remembrance fee directly to you at the next Aero in Friedrichshafen… the money fits into one suitcase, as long as they don’t seize the 500 Euro notes over night… .
    As there is a very high chance of winning I am pretty sure you can start planning with that money now. 😉

  5. Quill says:

    Drivers was the first place my mind went for this – sure are some idiots out there. Might as well be a lottary, at least in the US. To get a driver’s license one must drive for about 15 minutes, all in very easy, benign conditions, and only will not get the license if they screw up royally. Then never have your driving skills checked again for as long as you live. Pilots take a much longer checkride, to pass they must actually be competent, and then must re-check with an instructor every 2 years to update their knowledge and make sure their skills aren’t slipping. I honestly wish drivers had a bit higher barriers to entry.
    Likewise, I sometimes worry about how little regulation there is on car maintinence – at least in Colorado there are no safety inspections whatsoever. I, with no formal training or qualifications, installed my car’s brakes form a kit, and nobody else has even looked at them. I like to think I know what I’m doing (?), but who out there is tinkering with stuff they don’t know how to mess with? Or worse yet, not doing so, neglecting a serious safety issue because they don’t care, or don’t even realize anything is wrong?

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