First Amendment Right

I think this flip side of the freedom of speech is as important as freedom of speech itself. At least I know a few people who would otherwise have to be stripped of their First Amendemt right, because it’s an ordeal to listen to them. And, after all, it’s exactly unpopular speech that needs protection.

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6 comments on “First Amendment Right
  1. JP says:

    Freedom of speech is not the right to be listened to.
    Also Freedom of religion is not Freedom From Religion
    Fundamentalist Atheists seem to forget that bit and they keep trying to remove any reference to God from anything Gov’t here in the US. I’ve been atheist pretty much most of my life. I find these nuts just as religious as any Fundy Muslim or Bible thumping Pentecostal.

    I also get tired of those who say something perhaps controversial and then get fired or loose some endorsement, then decry they’re loosing their First Amendment Rights.
    No, you Fool. You can still say what you want, right or wrong, but those paying you as a spokesman or something do not have to pay you to make them look as big a fool as you.

  2. Laviator says:

    What about freedom to buzz the tower and the rooftops of the old lady? There will always be those airport neighbors pushing legislation to shut the airport due to excessive “noise.” The deadness of life on the ground must be rudely disturbed for one to balk at those who roar with life.

    But aviators could argue back, “freedom to make noise.”

    Or, “if you don’t like it use ear plugs”

  3. JKelley says:

    @Laviator –
    We had that sort of thing out here. Housing was built up around Reid field – and the field had already been there for a good forty years. AT LEAST.

    But, people started buying the homes built down there, KNOWING they were next to a G/A airfield, and started complaining about the noise.

    I liken it to buying a house next to the railways, then getting after Chessie and Burlington Northern to not run trains there anymore (despite the fact that they’ve probably been doing it for the last forty or fifty years…)

    You want noise? Live next to a rifle range. I used to work at one. Oddly, to me, that’s a HAPPY noise – the sound of freedom!

    @JP – I hear you on “fundamentalist atheists” as you put it. It’s a more accurate description than most. I’m more of a mild-mannered Agnostic. You are correct – freedom OF religion is NOT freedom FROM religion. All I’ve ever asked of believers is to not foist their beliefs on me. Church is not for me. Understand that, and we’ll get along fine.

    Why does no-one tell these fools to just shut up? “People who don’t like their beliefs laughed at should not have such funny beliefs…”

    As far as a spokesman losing his job and complaining about First Amendment – 1stA covers the actions of GOVERNMENT, not individuals or companies. If someone works for me and starts aggressively pushing beliefs that I consider harmful to business, I’m well within my rights to fire them. And there’s not anything THEY can do about it, because I’m not telling them they can’t say something – they just can’t say it while they’re on MY time. “The right to be heard does not include the right to be taken seriously,” either.

  4. JP says:

    gah, just rereading this and I note my autocorrect picked loose instead of lose and I didn’t catch that.
    That’s what I get for posting before morning caffeine kicks in.

  5. England says:

    He, He, does that mean that I have the right to buck human daddy off my back, or turn circles when he has one foot in the stirrup and one foot on the ground? Does it also mean he needn’t give me treats?
    I think daddy and I need to talk this through. After all we all have two ears and one mouth and they should be used in that ratio. Just horse sense.

  6. fyrflier says:

    Nice discussion in here guys!

    I also consider myself a “mild-mannered Agnostic” (I like that term) and I get really angry when I hear “We need to take the ‘In God We Trust’ off the coins or change the seal of LA so there are no crosses on it because “Who cares?!” I think we have bigger problems in this country than changing a seal which must have meant something to whoever founded the city/state/country.
    The money that being spent here trying to please everybody…..

    About the freedom to buzz houses:
    Sadly I’ve seen in being abused by some which led to a freedom lost for many.

    But it’s sad to watch people move close to an airport, get cheaper housing because of the vicinty sometimes and then want to see it shut down. Once an airport goes it’s gone forever. How many new airfields have been built in the last ten years? You can probably count them on one hand……

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