Chuck meets the Tumbling Bear

Some of you may start wondering why we keep mentioning our friend, the tumbling bear, so much. He is not paying us if that’s what you’re getting at. We love the bear because he has a message which is close to our own mission. People who know him or who have seen his videos or website know that he flies for the kids. He is all about getting kids into aviation and showing them that you can do anything you put your mind to. He signed almost 2000 autographs at the show in Chino (he took the time to meet and greet every kid that wanted to talk to him) and I was in the stands watching the faces of the young aviators-to-be when he started his routine. Eyes and mouths were wide open and they were hollering and screaming. It was awesome to watch and he has inspired many young minds to choose a career in aviation over the years.

Another great story is the one of his recovery following his accident. He was once told by doctors that he will never walk again and that they are taking his legs. He said “no way, just watch” (at least that is the clean version, the real version included more exclamation marks and something about bovine excrement). And look at him now. Not only did he keep his legs and learned how to walk again, he’s back behind the stick of his beloved Zlin. So if you ever have one of those “nothing works out for me, I’ll never be a pilot” days, think of this guy.

Check out his website!

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9 comments on “Chuck meets the Tumbling Bear
  1. Thorsten says:

    “Is there an adult with this one?” – ROTFL!!!

  2. Otavio Baroni says:

    Glad he didn’t saw a LET, or he would LET it go! awsm

  3. b-lint says:

    I’m crying ahhahhahahhaaaa. This was awesome 😀

  4. I LOVE Chicken Wings Comics! I never miss a strip. And, I had always wondered what I’d look like as a chicken. Stefan did a brilliant job…even the white hair. Mike, it was a pleasure meeting you at the Chino – Planes of Fame Airshow…One of the finest shows in the world. –Tumbling Bear

  5. Fabo says:

    Zline, Mike, really? 🙂

    Its a great plane though.

  6. Fabo says:

    btw he still fares better than certain texan businesman, who, somehow, got mixed Czech with Chechnya… almost cost us one Electra…

  7. stef says:

    @Fabo: Took me a while to figure out what you meant, but the “zline” was just a typo!!

  8. Oddball says:

    Bet you lot can’t CAP that one 😛

  9. Frank says:

    That one’s Extra !

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