Twin Otter Inspection

So, of course we can’t let a big event in aviation go by without Roost-Air being affected in some way. I was actually stuck for hours in Burbank the day after this happened since so many flights got cancelled (I always get stuck on the way home btw, never on the way out where it wouldn’t matter since I have to work and get paid for it anyways….). Fortunately sitting at an airport with nothing to do always leaves some time to come up with new ideas. But since Chuck and Julio don’t actually fly pressurized aircraft we had them taking advantage of the whole situation.
And since Hans’s main expertise is with yogurt they may be able to milk this one for a while…

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3 comments on “Twin Otter Inspection
  1. Ryan says:

    That is so funny, people are looking at me while I laugh. Hans needs to learn to always carry a clipboard and walk with purpose, no one will stop you then. In fact an inspector could spend all day just walking around doing nothing and never be challenged!

  2. rwill says:

    I learned that way back in college going for my A&P. In lab if you walked around with an intent look on your face and tools in your hand no one ever questioned you. Guys who just stood around talking always got told off.

  3. CeridianMN says:

    In an office job like mine it’s always been to have a packet of papers, or better yet a couple packets. Similarily back in high school I learned that most of the time if you looked like you belonged where you were nobody would question it. I tried pushing this a couple times and it was pretty impressive the lengths you could go. I wandered around a few restricted sections of buildings back then with nobody giving me a second glance.

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