A quick decision

This strip is another one of those “not invented” stories. It is actually an old story that we heard quite often from our dad. When he and a good friend of his were driving through the desert of South Africa, they came to an intersection and had to make a quick decision… and this exchange happened almost verbatim.

It is not known if there was a slap in the face too. We assume not, but added that for comedic effect.

It is true though that sometimes it is more important to make a decision quickly than to be 100% right…

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4 comments on “A quick decision
  1. Pitz says:

    Happened to me a few times while driving with friends, usually I’m on the slapping side, since I am the only one who actually knows how to read maps.

  2. Robg says:

    I heard that air force pilots are subjected to rapid fire questions where they have to answer quickly… Its to test their quick decision making capabilities Im guessing…

  3. Laviator says:

    Perfect timing. I can’t decide between two jobs. Everybody keeps telling me to just stop fussing and to pick one and go with it. Yea right. So to relieve the stress my brain I visit chickenwingcomics….

  4. Ryan says:

    I’ve had this, but without the slap, when I was doing my navigation training. Almost word for word. What the instructor wanted was for me to start being more certain and stop over analysing the map, and just know where I was and pick a direction! I found I did a lot better when I just did pick a direction and then worked out if it was wrong, than almost stall while looking down at my knee-board.

    And Laviator, I have the two jobs issue two. Just got made redundant, and have two offers ahead, very different, so its head versus heart and flip a coin and decide!

    Small world!

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