Civil Air Patrol

Here’s another repost from the olden days that goes out to all our friends and fans among the ranks of the Civil Air Patrol!
Man, when I look back over the years, especially when I look at our first book, I am always amazed at how my drawing style changed (I hope improved) over the years. I really need to constrain myself from re-drawing all the old stuff… must resist… more important work to do…

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4 comments on “Civil Air Patrol
  1. Cadet Luke says:

    Oh the things we do so others may live

  2. C/SrA Lee says:

    Hilarious….I shared this with the members of my squadron….we’re going to print one out and pin it to the wall of our Ground Team room for others to enjoy. Semper Vigilans.

    C/SrA Lee
    Cobb County Composite Squadron

  3. Usaf2222 says:

    The Civil Air Patrol. Laugh at it until you get rescued by it.

  4. skyking says:

    Believe it or not,one of the best flying squadrons in CAP has a roadrunner as its logo

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