Let me make your day

While it is true that many hands make light work, it depends a lot on the work and also on the hands. I sometimes find myself in the same situation as Julio, that, when I’m trying to fix something or build something that doesn’t work out the way I planned, I start cursing and complaining and thus drawing the attention of my wife (or whoever is around). I guess what I’d really want in such a situation is an acknowledgement on how difficult the task is, combined with the assertment that she’d trust me to be smart and able enough to eventually overcome any difficulties and problems. What I usually get is either ignorance, a comment along the lines of “oh, you can’t do it?” or an offer to help. I can’t tell which one’s worst…

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3 comments on “Let me make your day
  1. Fabo says:

    Well, with offering to help, you at least know she is offering to help. Ironic remarks are the worst. Sometimes I am glad my hand is twisted somewhere between the alternator and distributor, cause if it werent, something would be flying in the offenders general direction…

  2. blint says:

    Poor Chuck, how come he is always the fool? Sometimes he should get revenge for these 😀

  3. Frank N. O. says:

    Ah, one of my all-time favourite Chicken Wings strips! I never get tired of this one, Julio’s smile is just great, you can tell he’s already thinking of how it would be if Chuck would really do it 😀

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