How to talk to management

The hierarchies in our operations here are pretty flat. Sometimes Mike tells me what to do, sometimes I tell Mike what to do. But when I look at the stories from all my friends who work in “normal” companies, the tales of company-internal communication are enough to make your head spin and wonder how many companies out there manage to generate profits at the end of the day.

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2 comments on “How to talk to management
  1. RG says:

    Heheheheh! Sounds similar to what ground support in the USAF goes through. I used to work in weather maintenance (maintenance of weather sensing equipment on the runway) and for a short time in Navigational aids. We got what we needed, but it was always song and dance around budget time…

  2. Leyla says:

    Again there is a double word. In the third panel: “… come on, it’s it’s …”

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