London tower, are you there?

A friend of mine who flies for the airlines has assured me that that’s not how it really works in London. On the other hand, I remember stories my brother used to tell me about the times he was a UN soldier in Cyprus, where he was part of a mixed special force consisting of British, Argentinian and Austrian troops. Apparently not even a violent riot was enough to keep the Brits from having their tea time with their thermos behind the army truck.

And, as all avid readers of Asterix know, the Britons stopping in the middle of battle for their “hot water with mik” was how the Romans were able to conquer the island!

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6 comments on “London tower, are you there?
  1. Santiago says:

    And they’re only drinking tea because they’re “proper” ATC folk, in any other line of work, they would be at the pub drinking warm beer

  2. Laviator says:

    That explains the coffee pot held by the chick in the header up left

  3. Rich Woods says:

    Britain can’t function without tea. Never put the milk in the cup first though, the last time someone did that over here we had a civil war…

  4. darren elliott says:

    haha, i always wondered what they were doing while on approach in flightsim

  5. Badger737 says:

    We wouldn’t eat crumpets out of a box. They should really be toasted but at least served on a fine china plate with butter and jam.

  6. Matte says:

    Trust me, this is how it works in London! Perhaps not in the tower, but surely in terminal 5 and the luggage handlers…

    What a mess!

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