Chuck is accepted to EAA

Well, since every flight with Chuck on board is more or less an experiment, I’m sure the Experimental Aircraft Association is the perfect organization for him! But seriously, the EAA is a great organization and their slogan “the spirit of aviation” is absolutely true. EAA members and people like them are the backbone of aviation and the joy of flying is what it is really all about.

Also, we’d like to seize this opportunity to say thank you to the EAA for the great cooperation! We have some big plans for the next Oshkosh Airventure, so stay tuned about that!

The great thing about our organization here is that we can dream up any type of title and job description we want. That’s some difficult decisions to make everytime we print new business cards…

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One comment on “Chuck is accepted to EAA
  1. Cpt Blade says:

    Trolling like a boss, huh…

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