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Jan 3Teamwork
Jan 6Chicken Wings Classic – I’ve got a squawk
Jan 10Skydivers’ choice
Jan 13Great quotes
Jan 17Fuel sampling
Jan 20Back to the books
Jan 24Not a trash can
Jan 27Opinion leaders
Jan 31Manfred von Richthofen
Feb 3Testing aviation tools
Feb 7Nobody notices aircraft mechanics
Feb 10New equipment
Feb 14The first airline
Feb 17It’s plane washing day
Feb 21Good maintenance practices
Feb 24100 hour inspection on the Hughes 500
Feb 28What did I just come in here for?
Mar 3Chicken Wings Classic – Breaking out of the clouds
Mar 7Like a big family
Mar 10Chuck the collector at HAI
Mar 14After the trade show
Mar 17Business card piles
Mar 21I’m not your slave
Mar 24Why are you ignoring my texts?
Mar 28Deer cam in Julio’s parts room
Mar 31Sleepwalking
Apr 4At the shear table
Apr 7Sigh.
Apr 11I have the controls
Apr 14Get off, or else!
Apr 18Flight lesson trouble
Apr 21Hangar cleaning time
Apr 25Perfect time to order a pizza
Apr 28Another pizza
May 2Calling mom
May 5Chicken Wings Classic – Too close for missiles. Switching to guns.
May 9Detailed preflight
May 12Fastest car
May 16Electronic flight bag
May 19Engine running
May 23Cessna Ignition Switch
May 26Maintenance emergency
May 30The microwave is AOG
Jun 2First passenger crossing the Atlantic
Jun 6High altitude incident
Jun 9Chicken Wings Classic – Can’t lower the landing gear
Jun 13I always wanted to become a pilot
Jun 16Transmission problems
Jun 20Who is this?
Jun 23Role reversal
Jun 27Why are you wearing night vision goggles?
Jun 30Days like these
Jul 4Concentration
Jul 7Dreaming about flying
Jul 11The invention of economy class
Jul 14Chuck taking a fuel sample
Jul 18Glider time
Jul 21Have you seen Hans?
Jul 25Oshkosh approach
Jul 28Online Test
Aug 1Getting woken up
Aug 4Drink holder
Aug 8Drink holder test
Aug 15Roger!
Aug 22Mind reading
Aug 29Whats that noise?
Sep 5Clear instructions
Sep 12Taxiway or Runway?
Sep 19Built in 1982
Sep 26First ejection seat exit
Oct 3Welding an engine stand
Oct 10Helpful input
Oct 17Time has stopped
Oct 24Bent metal ruler
Oct 31Red Alert!
Nov 7Invention of the floatplane
Nov 14Crappy weather
Nov 21Multiple choice test
Nov 28Please, kind sir.
Dec 5Dents on the wing strut
Dec 12Herman Nelson Heater
Dec 19Double checkride
Dec 28IMC