Bent metal ruler

I’m not that overly protective of my tools. Which I think is probably mainly due to the fact that I don’t own many high end tools, but mostly mediocre and budget equipment. But I’m getting more and more sympathetic to Julio, the older my kids get and the more I let them play with my tools. I’m down two measuring tapes, two flashlights and one ruler (which made me think about this whole thing now).

Fortunately they didn’t break my circular saw yet! Haha, just kidding!! I don’t own a circular saw.

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3 comments on “Bent metal ruler
  1. Quill says:

    Conversation with a friend earlier this semester:
    Him: “Yo, can I borrow your iClicker (a device used in some classes for quizzes or attendance) for the semester?”
    Me: “Sure, I’ll need to find it, but I should be able to find it in a box at home.”
    Week later:
    Me: “I couldn’t find the iClicker, sorry. I seem to recall that I already loaned it to you, and you lost it.”

  2. Bruce Bergman says:

    It’s really simple. You borrow my tool and break/bend/wreck it, you replace it. With new if it’s in production, you find it on eBay or wherever or get a current replacement if it isn’t.

    You wreck a Craftsman, Snap-On or Klein – lifetime warranty doesn’t cover accidental or deliberate damage, you might be paying – you better bring back the exact tool. Sears is not a proper replacement for Craftsman.

    And if you didn’t ask first, you better do all that and sneak it back and pray I’m in a good mood. Or be prepared with Mega Mea Culpas and a proper apology.

  3. KenH says:

    Use his skull to bend the other end . For Symmetry

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