I always wanted to become a pilot

Growing up is way overrated. Especially when you’re still a kid. I think, compared to others, I wasn’t overly eager to grow up, although I was definitely looking forward to it. But I guess I wouldn’t be able to do my current job, if I hadn’t staid in touch with my inner child. But, alas, grow up we must.

I wonder what it is that separates the wheat from the chaff, but when you’re an adult and you get all those responsibilities and pressures put on your shoulders, some people take it better than others. I guess being responsible and losing your inner child is better than being a man-child who can’t take responsibility, acts like a teenager at 40 years old and becomes a burden to others. But the optimal place is to be able to balance the two sides of being responsible where appropriate while still being able to be child-like when the situation allows for it.

Becoming a parent turns that whole dichotomy up a few notches to 11. On one hand you get the incredible, mind-blowing task of being 100% responsible for the survival, health and happiness of another human being, while on the other hand you’re starting to see the world through the eyes of a child again. And I don’t mean just seeing all the outlets, stairs, corners, edges and sharp things, but looking at a caterpillar or an anthill in total amazement and literally stopping to smell the flowers.

I can’t wait to witness the development of humor in my kids. My older son, who’s about 3,5 right now, started telling jokes recently. They are on the level of “A man walks to a house … but … but … the house … isn’t there!!” and absolutely hilarious because of the cheerful and enthusiastic delivery. My 1,5 year old boy is still on the level of peekaboo and funny faces. Well, anyway, a lot of fun is being had. And I’m looking forward to the years ahead!

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2 comments on “I always wanted to become a pilot
  1. Michael says:

    A man walks to a house… The way you describe your son telling the joke made me smile and isn’t that the purpose of a good joke? Thanks for sharing

  2. Johsua says:

    Who can resist the humor of a three year old?

    Also, who can resist being paid to fly a plane? That is literally paid vacation! (please don’t tell my boss I said that…)

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