Get off, or else!

We would like to thank United Airlines for, once again, providing us with great material. You knew it was only a matter of time until our chickens would tune in to current airline events. Just wait until Hans reads about the latest United Airlines incident. Stay tuned for more!

On a more serious note, I am hoping this will shed a little more light on what has been happening to airline travel over the years. Many of you know I travel a lot for my job and can’t get around the airlines. Overbooked planes, running out of overhead spaces, broken planes, angry flyers, those are all almost daily occurrences for me. I have to admit I enjoy a certain degree of status with some airlines which helps but what I have noticed the most lately are routinely completely booked or overbooked flights in the last few years. I can’t remember the last time there was an empty middle seat next to me. And if you miss your plane because you can’t make the connection, you’re almost completely out of luck. And that’s not just United but some of the others as well. Maybe now they will all make an effort in order not to be “that airline” …

And it’s not just the airlines. The passengers get more annoying every year as well. Refusing to turn their phones off, making a total mess on the plane, being rude to the crew, the list is long. Human decency has gone out the window. Airline travel sure isn’t what it used to be anymore. But how to fix it?

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11 comments on “Get off, or else!
  1. Andy says:

    Teach your children oersonal responsibility. The lack of it is destroying the world.

  2. Gordon says:

    The airlines have been treating their customers like cattle being loaded into a truck, fleecing them like sheep at every turn so it’s no wonder they start to act like animals. When the airlines shows you day in and day out that they don’t care about you, why would you continue to care about them?

  3. JPKalishek says:

    I think Gordon nails it. Then add in the fact so many today have been trained up that they’re “special” and act like prima donas and it’s not a fun time.
    United looks to be headed to the same league as Eastern, BOAC, TWA . . .

  4. Johsua says:

    If we go back to the entire aircraft being first class the service will increase along with the ticket price. We also have to let the airlines charge high cancellation fees or simply not issue refunds for cancelled fairs if we don’t want them to overbook. The simple fact is that Airlines are not in a good financial place right now. They can’t afford to give good service for low fairs or have nonpaying seats.

    We seem to have ruined an entire generation by making them all think they are the center of the universe. To date I haven’t heard of a cure for this.

  5. jan olieslagers says:

    The airlines have been lowering fares under pressure of the holy cow called “free enterprise” so have been lowering the quality of service correspondingly.

    There are surprisingly little complaints or issues or scandals regarding business-class-only services like LCY-JFK or DUS-JFK. Now is that queer, or isnt’it?

    I fully agree with Johsua and Andy: people need to be aware that all depends on their own choices and decisions. And if you stand up to those with more force you’ll get beaten – hasn’t changed over thousands of years – nor will it ever.

  6. average joe says:

    sounds like United has another load of lavatory liquid all over their face… remember “United Breaks Guitars” ??? strike two United… the ceo needs to go …

  7. SZ939 says:

    The United incident is ENTIRELY the fault of the Gate Agents! The delayed flight crew required for the morning Louisville flight had to have been known before the Incident Flight began to board. I have seen the request for “Volunteers” frequently in this age of completely booked flights, but NEVER after boarding was completed. Additionally, United could have flown the crew on a Private Charter for far less than what it will cost United in refunded fares, not to mention the likely award in Court. And the harm to the United Brand is incalculable!

  8. reynard61 says:

    @ JPKalishek:

    BOAC didn’t go out of business. (At least not in the way that Eastern and TWA did.) They were merged with another state-owned airline to become British Airways.

  9. Magnoire says:

    Entitlement plus increased fares plus no services equals rage.
    Overcrowded skies and packed streets.
    Road rage, air rage, rage rage, etc. is becoming pandemic and the media is eating it up.
    Some people don’t take responsibility for their own actions.
    Act up, get someone to film it and make a lot of money.
    The video doesn’t always show the whole story and the media only shows a portion of it anyway.
    I haven’t flown commercially in about 10 years but even before 9-11, I was frequently singled out for extra examination going through security. I will probably never know why but I just go with it. Some people have meltdowns over it.

  10. Mark Reha says:

    HONOR, that little bit of class that each of us CAN posses and utilize in almost every interaction that occurs, every waking moment of our adult lives. The BIGGEST problem in our country is the lack of MALE GUIDANCE! How many little boys and girls are being raised (?) 80% of the time by MOMMY and when they do get to interact with DADDY, he is just placating and trying to get through “”HIS WEEKEND”” without causing anything that will get back to the MOMMY, which will also get directly to the court or HELD in reserve, as a weapon to be wielded by the ANGRY EX, whenever she needs/demands something to go her way. It is well known that FEMALES can not raise proper and respectful MALES, ever! They AND their FEMALE siblings NEED the input AND influence of a strong, righteous MALE ROLE MODEL, to become a citizen that knows ans displays character & HONOR!!.

  11. 1) No refunds for missing your flight but offer a flexible ticket at a higher rate (works down here in Oz – we have few of these overbooking experiences)

    2) You want some service, you pay for it! If you want to experience the quality of the old days, pay for Biz or 1st class. It used to cost $500 each way between Melbourne & Sydney but now you can get it for < $50. Guess what, you're going to get people treating it like a bus & wi5h no respect.

    Now throw in staff who are being screwed down by management hell bent on chasing the bottom line and wondering why it keeps eluding them.

    No wonder it's a basket case 🙁

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