Chuck’s faults and weaknesses

Being the short skinny guy, the top of the wing, and/or the inside of the tail section, were pretty much where I made my living back when I was working for the Cessna dealership. Our pilots weren’t quite as, let’s say “confident”, as Chuck, so I was fortunate enough to never fall off the ladder laughing.

I loved working on top of the wing (as compared to trying to squeeze into the tail of a C-152), except for the fact that it usually involved fuel fumes and pro-seal.
These panels, however, when removed, leave very sharp edges everywhere. Scratches and cuts are par for the course.

The one time I actually did fall off the ladder one late night on a fire near Santa Barbara, I almost cut off three of my fingertips. I was working on a Long Ranger helicopter and as I was falling, I tried to grab something to delay the fall, got a hold of the exposed firewall panel unfortunately, and the proceeded to slide down the sharp edge of this thing cutting three of my fingertips to the bone. What a fun night that was!


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One comment on “Chuck’s faults and weaknesses
  1. Robert Horton says:

    I think his modesty is his greatest virtue…

    What specific type is the seldom-seen Piper? My favorite movie, “Secrets of the Incas” has what I believe is some sort of Piper…

    Any idea when the worn Julio hat will be back in stock?

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