I think we had “peasants” instead of “pedestrians” in the first draft of this comic, but decided against it, because it would have been too mean, even for Chuck. As somewhat of a pedestrian myself, I have to say that the giant, vast majority of pilots I have met are incredibly nice people, who would never look down on the non-flying population. Well, I guess they DO look down on us while they’re flying … but I mean they’re not snobs. Although I met a handful of those too. But people like that are present in any profession, I guess. And most people are reasonable and respectful towards all others.

My guess is, this is because everybody instinctively knows that there can be only one profession at the very top. The zenith of evolution, the apex of society … comic artists!


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5 comments on “Pedestrians
  1. J Segal says:

    I would agree, pilots are the greatest group of people in the world. If you don’t believe me, ask a pilot. If you ask anybody else, they’ll probably give you a wrong answer.

    ‘Peasants’ isn’t too mean, but that *would* be a misnomer. ‘Peasants’ are what we call professional flight students, from start-of-training until they’re young CFIs (or at an equivalent level) – because if you weren’t one before, the cost of training will make you one!

  2. Fbs says:

    The right term is « crawlings » (« rampants » in french). That’s how pilots here name the rest of the people…

  3. Aggiepack says:

    Self loading freight

  4. Bernd says:

    At our flight school “pedestrian” (“Fußgänger”) was used for anyone who did not (yet) have a pilot’s licence, but usually implying that they were going to get one.

  5. Walt Brown says:

    The standard term for jumpers said by jump pilots is “Meat Bags”

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