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Get off, or else!

We would like to thank United Airlines for, once again, providing us with great material. You knew it was only a matter of time until our chickens would tune in to current airline events. Just wait until Hans reads about

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You have to give it to Chuck that he is very ingenious in coming up with explanations. And to be fair, I guess one could assume that Chuck borrows so many parts and tools from Julio that he can do

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Deer cam in Julio’s parts room

Julio is getting more sophisticated in his quest to keep Chuck out of the parts room. I wonder how many Cessna parts Chuck has already “modified” to fit on his Corsair. We might never know … I kinda wish I

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Rat showdown

Well it seems that one should not judge books by their covers, or cats by their circumference. And now that the cat is history, normal operations can resume at Roost Air. That is, if we accept a rather broad definition

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