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Roswell, 1947

Roswell, 1947

Roswell, 1947

Who knows what really happened in Roswell on that fateful day in 1947? My brother and I like to philosophize about the whole subject of aliens. I am of the opinion that it’s more likely than not that there’s intelligent

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You have to give it to Chuck that he is very ingenious in coming up with explanations. And to be fair, I guess one could assume that Chuck borrows so many parts and tools from Julio that he can do

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Exclusive Images of Felix Baumgartners jump!

Never before seen images of Felix Baumgartners record breaking jump! They must have cut to commercial while Felix was zipping past Chucks Cessna with everybody still trying to figure out what happened. But you saw them here first, at Roost-Air!

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So, what *really* happens to you when you fly into that airspace? Probably the same as if you fly too close to the Washington monument? Anyway, this strip made me think of this joke we had in our, by now

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