Roswell, 1947

Who knows what really happened in Roswell on that fateful day in 1947? My brother and I like to philosophize about the whole subject of aliens. I am of the opinion that it’s more likely than not that there’s intelligent life in the universe besides us. But I am highly skeptical of claims that they have been or are visiting us. It’s absolutely possible, of course. If somebody could provide proof, I would have no problem accepting the fact. But according to Occam’s razor, the explanation that it is dis- or misinformation disseminated by the military to confuse and distract people, or by savvy businessmen to sell t-shirts and coffee mugs, is more likely. One argument I like to put forward is that, with technology becoming better and better, and literally everybody walking around with a very powerful camera at their fingertips at all time, would you not expect UFO sightings to become more common? Instead there seem to be less and less of them.

What do you guys think about the whole subject?

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7 comments on “Roswell, 1947
  1. JP Kalishek says:

    I too figure there is probably intelligent sentient life out there, but it is far more likely they are around our levels of “advancement” than some super advanced ancient full of wisdom.
    Also it is foolish to think anyone out there is just waiting to give us the answers to life, the universe, and everything, (42!) once we just “grow up a bit more” or “get over violence” or all the other silly wishes, and the opposite is more possible, though more likely they’d be unknowable in their actions and motives. They will be alien to us, after all. Pretty much everything is just projection, or wishful thinking. Best be prepared for all possibilities.
    I recall a show many years back about UFOs and one mass sighting over Phoenix, AZ. Watch that same show today and as soon as you see the first sketch of the “spaceship” spotted, and you say “B2 Spirit Stealth Bomber!”

  2. DeanRW says:

    I definitely agree about Occam’s Razor. I would add that nowadays, a lot of people who live where consumer technology is easily accessible are so immersed in their gadgets’ outputs that they wouldn’t notice anything unusual happening in the outside world anyway. That’s why I suspect that, after all, both factors (possiblities offered by technology advancements, and the use of them by the average people) might tend to cancel each other. Moreover, the meaning of factual evidence is being abused so much that there might even be a general regression toward new forms of obscurantism, in spite of the wonders of technology. Garbage in, garbage out, no matter what kind of tools one uses.

  3. Philipp says:

    T’Chak, is that you?

  4. Jan Olieslagers says:

    I think nothing at all about it. In fact I try to think as little as I can manage, it is SO fatiguing. Already doing a lot of thinking – and some of that not bad, if I may say so – at the day job, quite no need to do more thinking on top.

  5. Magnoire La Chouette says:

    I’m a Librarian in the Deep South. I’m pretty danged sure some of my patrons are extraterrestrials! (and some of my fellow Librarians)

  6. RG2Cents says:

    I think it’s entirely possible that The Creator made other intelligent life in the universe besides us, but achieving light speed and traversing light years are pretty big hurtles to get past. Personally, I think our government has experimental tech that most of the rest of us never heard of.

  7. tobias says:

    … I may be wrong… but shouldn’t he be doing “cross galaxy flying” (or at least: cross planet flying)?

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