Who is this?

To come up with good ideas on the spot can be hard. To come up with good ideas at all is hard enough to begin with, but when somebody’s quick on their feet, mentally speaking, when they’re under pressure, is an impressive sight to see. I don’t often watch discussions, and I especially gave up on watching political debates, mostly because it’s always the same stuff over and over again. But I really enjoy watching two (or more) really smart people debate each other. I even appreciate smart and witty debating from people I totally disagree with. Nothing is more infuriating than watching people who are either stupid, ideologically totally entrenched, or just not good with words starting to resort to tactics such as raising their voices, ad hominem attacks etc. when they notice they cannot win with arguments. Loosing well is way more respectable, but alas, a very very rare skill.

Anyway, I’m rambling again … need to go paint that garden fence! Cheers everyone!

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8 comments on “Who is this?
  1. Schuyler King says:

    I once heard an AF student pilot on climb out from the training base. In those days, altitude reporting by the transponder wasn’t very reliable.
    ATC: “Willy 55, say altitude passing.”
    Willy 55: “Altitude passing.”
    ATC: “Willy 55, say ‘cancel IFR.'”
    Willy 55: “Passing 17-thousand.”

  2. Tampa says:

    Oldest joke in the book Chuck, they heard this a million times 😀

  3. KenH says:

    Best thing to happen to Chuckles, is meet him as he gets out, seize his licence, and SHRED it before his eyes. Good luck in truck-driving school , douchebag….

  4. Rob de Vries says:

    Hey, what has this episode to do with painting a garden fence? I guess Chuck won’t do it (painting a garden fence, I mean) by the way.

  5. Bruce Bergman says:

    It’s supposed to get easier with time – for most people… Not for Chuck. Luckily the tower crew realizes this.

  6. RG2Cents says:

    Poor Chuck. His reputation precedes him…

  7. Harold Wentersthorn (actually eekee) says:

    I used to roleplay, which involved coming up with character reactions on the spot. Great fun, and I’m told I was very good at it, but it was exhausting! I had to give it up. That wasn’t easy, it was also rather addictive.

    What would I do in Chuck’s situation? I would never have said ‘no’, but supposing I had, my first was I’d use a character name. Small problem: none of them were human, and only two had a surname! My ability to make up names is sometimes very good, but it comes and goes. I think mostly it ‘went’ when I had been roleplaying a lot, and exhausted my creativity.

  8. Magnoire says:

    HA! I’ve had to come up with names on the spot when getting hit on in bars by sleazy guys.
    Those were the good ole days!

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