Getting woken up

Ah, the joys of uninterrupted sleep. I remember them fondly! And the idea of a nap also doesn’t sound too bad. I’ve just tried a couple of minutes to remember when the last time was that I actually had a nap, but other than falling asleep while trying to put my kids to bed, I can’t come up with any instance in the last few months. Well, some day, some day!

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6 comments on “Getting woken up
  1. Martin says:

    I’m kinda embarassed, but i recognised it right away…it’s the Top Gun Anthem! 😎

  2. stef says:

    We have a winner! It wasn’t all that hard though, was it! 🙂

  3. v says:

    Uh, why is it not an appropriate response? And would that change if you knew the controller’s name was or was not Roger?

  4. JLT_GTI says:

    ah the nap… we spaniards got laughted and joked about our siestas ..and now it turns out everyone does them but us 😀

  5. Bernd says:

    Chuck does this so often that ATC already have his phone number? Usually they’d rather give the pilot a number to call instead. Or maybe Chuck always feigns radio problems when they try that.

  6. Johsua says:

    Julio’s reaction is priceless. Unfortunately, there are many pilots who do set the auto pilot and take a nap, so he can easily be forgiven for thinking Chuck is one of them.

    Although, despite Julio’s best efforts, I doubt any of Roost Air’s autopilots are functional. Chuck isn’t known for taking care of the equipment and Hans wouldn’t want to pay for it.

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