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I think I first came across the concept of a cup holder when I visited my brother in the US for the first time. The year was 1997. Maybe cars in Europe already had them too by then, but I don’t think I ever noticed them. That visit was also the first time I learned about free refills at fast food restaurants, which maybe was the reason I even felt the need for a cup holder in the first place.

1997 man. I’m getting old!

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7 comments on “Drink holder
  1. hwilker says:

    … in 1998/99, I recall, Ford boasted in their press release about the new supersize “Expedition” SUV that the vehicle would be available with “up to ten cup holders”.

    They didn’t say whether they came with fittings for additional fuel tanks.

  2. Looks like Chuck’s birthday is the same as my youngest son, he turned 11 today. Happy Birthday Logan and Chuck!

  3. CaptAPJT says:

    I flew with a captain who had one of these. Pressure changes meant it didn’t function quite as advertised.

  4. Fbs says:

    Real pilots do not need cup holders : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=V9pvG_ZSnCc

  5. Bruce Bergman says:

    Don’t use the suction cup version, the way Chuck flies it’ll come unstuck at the worst possible moment. Get the slide-in style and extra mounts for the various planes. Not for use during Aerobatics.

    Cupholders were never a thing in European cars, because really long trips aren’t done in cars, you get on a train. Here, your commute can be an hour or sometimes four each way, every day – and you can drive for 12 hours flat out (except for fuel stops) and still be in Texas. If you don’t have liquid sustenance at hand…

  6. Captain Dunsel says:

    The Subaru we inherited from my sister-in-law, circa 2003, had a pop-out cup holder. Small and flimsy, it could only hold a little cup (and not very well, either). The manual said it was only for use when the vehicle was stopped — so it never got used. Just one of several useless engineering ‘features’ on that Outback.


  7. Bernd says:

    Always install suction cups at the highest cabin altitude you ever expect to fly and they’ll be fine. (Good ones like RAM mounts will hold up to 8500 ft at least, even if installed at sea level. Commercial pressurised cabins rarely have cabin altitudes higher than that.)

    My current compact hatchback has 2 cup holders for the front seats and two semi-recessed small-bottle-holders below the centre panel. Our Family van has only 1 total. Same manufacturer, even.

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