Why are you wearing night vision goggles?

I have never worn night vision goggles. Now that I think of it, that should be on my bucket list, if I had one. It feels like that’s one of those things I would buy if I had the money, just because they’re awesome, and then they’d lie around like my regular binoculars. They’re awesome too (albeit on a lower and more affordable level), but I think I only ever really needed them once, to check on my roof tiles from the opposite side of the street after a storm. But, hey! Once is better than nothing! I’m sure NVGs would be handy to … uh, hunt for slugs in the garden at night or something. Ah, the unchallenging life of suburbia …

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6 comments on “Why are you wearing night vision goggles?
  1. Bernd says:

    When I was in the military we did some rifle shooting with night-vision scopes. That was pretty cool. They were image intensifiers called “BiV” for “Bildverstärker” in typical Bundeswehr vernacular.

  2. Neil II says:

    If you really want to use night vision goggles, come to western Canada and fly for STARS Air Ambulance. They use ’em. You can find them at http://www.stars.ca

  3. ThunderClaw says:

    I guess hes going to put glass gauges and GAMI injectors in his corsair then to avoid using 70 year old tech?

  4. Deja Moo says:

    Have to share a chuckle. Googled GAMI injectors, no surprise; googled glass gauges and found things you put in your pierced ears to stretch them. YOUR ears, not mine!

  5. Johsua says:

    Confusion is understandable. Chuck has previously purchased genuine worthless WWII tools to work on his project. I suppose we all have something of a blind eye for our project’s quirks.

  6. ThunderClaw says:

    Very funny about the glass gauges Deja Moo of course I mean the ones for cockpits as opposed to the ‘steam’ gauges his plane would have had in WWII.

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