Calling mom

It’s never a bad time to call your mom. Or your dad for that matter. But life can be so hectic sometimes, that we don’t get around to calling all the people we care about and haven’t talked to for a while. At least I have a backlog of phone calls I should make that would probably take me a whole weekend to process. But with other people being busy too, it often turns into phone tag, so that weekend would probably turn into weeks. But well, maybe I should just get started …

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3 comments on “Calling mom
  1. Magnoire says:

    It will be 3 years on this Mother’s Day that my Mama passed. It’s gonna be rough.
    Daddy passed in 2001. On the day Daddy died, he called my oldest brother who said he was busy and he would call Daddy back. My brother never did call him back and Daddy passed away suddenly that night.
    Yes, always try to make time for your parents while you can.

  2. Quill says:

    This reminds me a lot an incident that happened to a friend of mine, a mid-20s graduate student. She came home one evening to find her apartment flooded, it was eventually determined to be a leaking water heater. Upon discovering this, both she and her roommate did the first thing any mid-20s independent adult women would and first called their mothers. Admittedly, I’d probably do the same thing, though probably after attempting to fix it myself and likely failing miserably or electrocuting myself. They then called plumbers and got it all sorted out.

  3. Bernd says:

    I remember some podcaster asking his live audience on Mother’s Day, “have you called your mom today?”, to which all answered “yes”. Only to be yelled at with “Wrong answer! On Mother’s Day you should *visit* your mother!” Sadly, as with Magnoire, my mother also passed 3 years ago, so I can do neither anymore.

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