100 hour inspection on the Hughes 500

With all those different kind of inspections, it’s no wonder Hans gets confused. I know I am. But then, I’m not running a charter operation. I’m sure glad my car doesn’t need an inspection every 100 hours. It’s annoying enough to have to do it once a year! But cars don’t drop out of the sky if something goes wrong, so there’s that.

Fortunately, I have found a shop nearby where they don’t try to sell me unnecessary services and that is within walking distance from my home. I don’t know about you, but whenever I found a business where I like the people, they don’t try to push stuff on me and they do a good job, I feel weirdly happy. Maybe because that’s so rare? Haha. I don’t usually bash businesses, but I sure leave positive online reviews of the ones I like.

Boy, have I strayed from the original topic again! Let’s see if I can take it a step further. Online reviews usually provide a ranking with stars, and stars usually star in movies. Has anyone seen that last new movie out of Hollywood? I haven’t, because all I do is work and spend time with my kids, which includes the odd diaper inspection, which certainly should be done more frequently than every 100 hours. And so we’ve come full circle …

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3 comments on “100 hour inspection on the Hughes 500
  1. Magnus Danielson says:

    Unfortunatly, cars do drop out of the sky every now and then, for all the wrong reasons. If car makers would make cars fly less, that would be an improvement.

  2. Bruce Bergman says:

    What will be worse is when they get the Flying Car perfected, and all the owners balk about doing all the inspections and checks, and having to use a certified Aircraft A&P Mechanic to do them. Then substituting car parts or running MoGas (especially the cheap no-name stuff) instead of AvGas when they shouldn’t because the engine doesn’t have a STC for it…

    Move to California, Stef – we license car repair shops and there are standards that have teeth. If they get caught pushing unnecessary services or repairs (padding the bill) they aren’t in business anymore.

    And when they get a corporate multi-location like Jiffy Lube, Firestone or Sears in their sights, fireworks happen. Big chains incentivize their workers to up-sell all 4 tires instead of 1 or 2, shock absorbers are always dangerously bad, and everyone needs a transmission flush.

    And to finish the circle again, I think Harrison Ford is gonna get his wings clipped this time. You don’t land on the Taxiway and then jump your bush plane Over the 707 that was holding for the main runway… Dang, just go land STOL on a side street and be done with it.

  3. Quill says:

    Where I live there are no vehicle inspection laws whatsoever. While this is nice, less to worry over or pay for, I do find it a little disconcerting at times. I am a self-taught car mechanic with no formal training whatsoever, working on my ’73 Volkswagen Bug. I’ve totally rebuilt the suspension, steering gear, engine, and installed aftermarket brakes from a kit (drum-to-disc conversion, a major improvement). Aside from alignment work (I don’t have the equipment for that) no “qualified” people have laid eyes on anything on my car in numerous years. I like to think I know what I’m doing (?), but how many cars have been “repaired” by people who have no idea what they’re doing and driven for years like that? Or worse, have major problems and the not-mechanically-inclined owner has no idea that it has a serious safety issue?

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