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Jan 1Sally goes on Vacation
Jan 4Experts at work
Jan 8Out of order
Jan 11Welcome back, Sally!
Jan 18Challenging weather
Jan 22Dreamliner Simulator
Jan 25Report traffic in sight
Feb 19A pilot is never late!
Feb 22Disconcerting noise
Feb 26Then and now
Mar 5Helicopter swag
Mar 22Santa Monica tower?
Mar 26What it takes to become a pilot
Apr 2Cockpit preppers
Apr 9Report traffic in sight
Apr 16Annoying whining noise
Apr 19Price difference
Apr 23Confirm you have Juliet
May 3I scream
May 7Chuck, the right wing extremist
May 10Ground support
May 17Perfect spot
May 28What would she say?
May 31Professionalism
Jun 4Generous Chuck
Jul 2Corsair fuselage
Jul 5Corsair fuselage problem solved
Jul 9Corsair fuselage: The next step
Jul 12Giant leap for the Corsair project
Jul 16Rotor blade erosion
Aug 13Filing a flight plan
Aug 16Buzzing the golf course
Aug 27Real smart men
Sep 3Chuck wants to buy a … what?
Sep 6Spaceship Piggy Bank
Sep 10There’s gotta be a way …
Sep 13Only one option
Sep 17The adventures of Spaceship Two
Sep 20Chuck and Richard
Sep 24Chuck is hired at Virgin Galactic
Sep 27Sacrifice
Oct 1Parking position
Oct 15How long until you’re done?
Oct 29Screwdriver punch
Nov 5Pushing in the fog
Nov 12Flight simulator
Nov 29What is your job?
Dec 3Chuck loves gliders
Dec 6Special glider gear
Dec 10What do the clouds look like?
Dec 17Arduous training
Dec 20What’s your altitude?
Dec 27Chuck the artist
Dec 31Misunderstood art