What would she say?

Every now and then you make that special bond with a certain aircraft. I have flown many different aircraft/models/types/categories but I only have a few machines that are really dear to my heart. Everybody who’s been following us over the past years sure has heard about “Panaca Jane” I’m sure. She was one of those machines who never let me down for many years and still stands out as one of the top 3. It also turned out that by giving her a name, the crew paid extra attention to her and took great care of her. She wasn’t just a vehicle; she was part of the crew.

This year she retired from fire and started a new life in the power-line inspection/construction world. And yes, she still is painted the original baby blue / baby poo.

If she could talk, what would she say?

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4 comments on “What would she say?
  1. Fabo says:

    Mike – she would probably say “This is so BORING, I want back”

  2. Lks says:

    That painting sounds familiar to me… Is the same painting for Spanish DGT, Spanish Traffic Services. Is Panaca Jane an ex-EC?

  3. mike says:

    Yes, Panaca Jane started her life as a Spanish Traffic Cop and she looks just like one the picture you posted.. She showed up late for contract and never got repainted. Over time the crew got attached to the paintjob and it was kept for almost 10 years. She was the one helicopter that wasn’t painted red with white stripes or white with red stripes like all the others on every fire.
    Interesting paintjobs seem to follow me in my aviation career. When Jane and I parted ways, I went from baby blue to all orange ….

    to see what she’s been up over the last few years check her FB page:

  4. Lks says:

    It´s funny seeing that typical Spanish “abeja” paintjob there in the States. That paintjob is well know here for both aerofreaks and “good drivers” 😉
    Thanks for the reply and for the info!!! Check this page out, it´s my home base airfield, LECN. http://www.aeroclubcastellon.com/
    Tell me if you like it and.. thanks again!

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