5 comments on “Perfect spot
  1. André Luis says:

    Hummm, the captain sits in the right side…….

  2. stef says:

    Well, actually, as far as I know, the Hughes 500 is flown from the left.

    There IS a mistake in the picture though!

  3. Tyrael says:

    LOL – that is not a mistake – Chuck is a lefty, which is why he misunderstands so many things.
    He had the controlls modified to be able to grab the Stick with his Left.
    Hmmm – that would be a fascinating STC…

  4. G~man says:

    Yep, he has the cyclic in his left hand and collective in his right hand. You can actually do this if you are in an aircraft with dual controls, however, helicopter pilots will find it is almost impossible to control because it is ass-backwards.

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