Ground support

Considering his skill set, Chuck really has come a long way, especially for a chicken.

But I’d venture to say it wasn’t all completely without help. Any aircraft, small or large, needs a fair amount of support to keep flying. Working for a small outfit such as Roost-Air, can be very challenging because a lot of different responsibilities fall on the few people who work there. I have been there myself. A lot of people thrive and welcome these challenges and so have I in the past, but I am currently enjoying working for a bigger outfit that has a great support structure.

Should I get bored and crave to be in charge again, I might apply to fly the Hughes 500 for Roost-Air one day. I hear they have a great mechanic over there. 😉

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One comment on “Ground support
  1. Top Bunk says:

    Pilots are capable of feeling the emotions of love and affection. Sometimes they have those feeling for people other than themselves. 😉

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