Chuck, the right wing extremist

It’s about time Chuck bought another part for his Corsair. Although at this pace it will still take a few more weeks than expected.

I personally would like to see him buy a fuselage or at least an engine but we don’t always get to tell him what to do anymore. By now he has completely taken on his own persona and we’re all just along for the ride. 😉

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4 comments on “Chuck, the right wing extremist
  1. Matte says:

    Could be worse, a doubble left winged Corsair would not be allowed to enter the airspace of any US-state…

  2. v says:

    Or maybe one is just upside down…

  3. reynard61 says:

    Shouldn’t the inner wings have that characteristic bend? Whoever heard of a straight-winged Corsair?!

  4. Allstar says:

    To scale, those are probably just the outer wing sections, outboard of the folding hinges.

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