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Call Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

And I can hardly believe it’s already Friday again! I totally spaced out there, drawing a very complicated custom cartoon for my favorite airline, and almost forgot to upload todays strip. But, fortunately, I remembered, so here you go with

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As a wing walker, I imagine you must have to breathe exclusively through your nose, or at least have to keep your teeth shut at all times. I can only imagine the amount of insects that bounce into you during

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Chuck, the right wing extremist

It’s about time Chuck bought another part for his Corsair. Although at this pace it will still take a few more weeks than expected. I personally would like to see him buy a fuselage or at least an engine but

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Priming the stabilizer

We have a winner for our photo contest! Man! This was a tough contest to judge. All weekend we’ve already been racking our brains because there were so many good and funny pics. And then the late entries made it

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