I scream

Here is another strip from the “not invented” category. This exact event took place during the 2011 Chino Airshow in front of our booth during the F-15 display. THe ice cream hit the side of the guys head and then ran down the back of his shirt. It was even more comical than it can be drawn. Maybe we will use it for our animation series if we ever manage to get it off the ground.

Speaking of Chino: The Chino airshow is this weekend! Make sure to check it out! It’s still one of our favorite shows because of the high amount of warbirds and the Corsairs flying around. And our friend Rob, the Tumbling Bear will be flying as well. Come see him fly at 1:20pm!

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6 comments on “I scream
  1. Russell Hedges says:

    You want loud? Hang around when the Harriers are flying! Sad waste of ice cream though.

  2. Rob de Vries says:

    F-15 display? Not this year I’m afraid. Ever heard of sequestration?

  3. KenH says:


    Also, guess the ace pilot there never heard of earplugs — at an airshow with tactical aircraft no less….

    Shouldnt be flying RC planes…. 😛

  4. Alcalaino says:

    Dear folks

    I know this may not be the spirit of this blog, but I feel the need to inform you of this morning’s terrible accident during the Fundacion Infante de Orleans monthly airshow, in which a HA-200 Saeta vintage jet felt to the ground.

    The pilot miracolously survived the accident. After suffering terrible burns he is now struggling for his life.

    Please join me in my thoughts and prayers for him and his family

    Take care and fly safe


  5. Alcalaino says:

    Dear all

    Spanish Air Force commander Mr. Ladislao Tejedor, pilot of the Fundacion Infante de Orleans’ Saeta, has just passed away.

    May he rest in peace.

  6. Yawnitz says:

    Yes. Earplugs have been mandatory equipment for me at airshows for many years now.

    It is always sad to lose aviators in the international aviation world. I do wish there were some articles written in English, though.

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