5 comments on “What do the clouds look like?
  1. Richard Sturtevant says:

    In the early 70’s I was stationed at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, Ga. as a helicopter flight instructor. A friend and I were taking fixwing lessons at the Statesboro airport. The owner asked us to fly up to Charlston and pick up a marine also taking flight instructions. On the way back with our marine in the back seat the cloud layer was heavy broken at 1000 feet. The area around Statesboro was our training AO and we knew every inch of it. Without showing our backseat passenger the “Cloud Naviation Map” (CNM) we started describing different clouds and how they related to our position and course. All the while our future marine pilot was cranning his neck over the seat to get a look at our very accurate CNM. I spotted a covered bbridge that I knew if we crossed on the runway heading we be lined up on the Statesboro runway. After landing a very upset (pissed off) marine headed to the office without even a “see you” to his Army escort. Roy, the flight school owner and ex-army pilot, came stomping out demanding to know what we did to his marine student and what the hell was this cloud naviation that our marine was insisting (demanding) Roy teach him. I enjoy your strip and look forward to each new installment

  2. Awesome says:

    Richard, that story is hilarious.

  3. sparkplug54 says:

    Chuck is being a ltiteralist. I like that.

  4. reynard61 says:

    That other “Chuck” just saw a ducky and a horsie

  5. v says:

    ok, for the mortals out there, can someone explain what this question meant then?

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