8 comments on “Arduous training
  1. sparkplug54 says:

    I do not get the reference to “moving map.”

  2. brian says:

    “Moving map” typical refers to the moving map on the GPS display showing the aircraft’s position. Chuck is adding a different meaning to the term by moving the chart while Jason is trying to draw a course line. LOL!

  3. CalDayton says:

    next week- turbulence familiarization training! (student sitting on running washing machine while chuck shakes an instrument panel in front of him. Chuck- “OK, Now tell me your altitude!” Student, turning green- “I don’t feel so good…”)

  4. stef says:

    LMAO, CalDayton! 😀 I once had a washing machine like that, that used to “wander” around the room … I was glad I could get rid of it, but I should have turned it into a flight simulator!

  5. Rob de Vries says:

    I think it should be Chuck, sitting on that washing machine

  6. JKelley says:

    CalDayton – wouldn’t that be checking the student’s “attitude”?

    Stef – I had an old washing machine hard drive (back about 1985) that did the same thing – but this was when “flying height” on HDA heads was still measured in whole inches, not Angstroms…

  7. Catapult says:

    It’s fascinating how technology can change old definitions. For a century or more, the true definition of “battle”, for company-grade officers in any army, was, “an event occurring at the junction of four maps.”

  8. Yawnitz says:

    I think Jason will either turn up as the worst pilot ever, or the best.

    Worst, because he’s learning everything wrong.

    Best, if he learns to adapt and overcome from the showstorm he’s in.

    Huh, I misspelled something there. Ah well. I’ll just leave it up for interpretation.

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