Rotor blade erosion

The thing with stupid answers and explanations like that is that you probably remember them better than right ones. The best case scenario is that you learn the real explanation later (usually when you embarrass yourself by explaining what you just learned to somebody else) and thus remember it even better! Maybe Julio isn’t mean, maybe he’s just a master pedagogue!

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3 comments on “Rotor blade erosion
  1. Matte says:

    No, Julio is just being mean…anything else is just incidental.

  2. Charles says:

    Stupid checkride questions… Examiners say these questions help the examineee increase their knowledge, but I think sometimes the purpose is to try and make the examinee look stupid. When I was a USAF Loadmaster I was asked several pointless questions during annual checkrides, such as, “how many tie down rings are on the floor of a C-5?” or “How long does the toilet flush on a C-17?” The answers to all of these pointless questions are in the TOs. The challenge was finding it in print. After asking me one of these questions, the examiner usually took a long nap

  3. reynard61 says:

    In one of the books on teaching that my grandfather owned (he was a teacher and coach during the Depression), teaching “trivial” rote information related to the main subject was recommended as a way to gauge how well a student could memorize that information and helped to retain the maximum amount of general information on the subject. (And apparently this method of teaching has been around since the Ancient Greeks.)

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