Filing a flight plan

I love how nothing ever gets Chuck down. No matter how hard he gets shot down, rejected, or beat up, he always starts every day with a great outlook on life. He really believes in himself, doesn’t he?! 😉

This strip also shows how being a pilot is more than just a job. It’s a lifestyle. Most jobs in aviation are like that and it makes the people you meet in this business so interesting.

But do you see what Chuck is doing wrong again? Besides being an overbearing personality, he also hasn’t noticed the girl isn’t drinking beer …

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5 comments on “Filing a flight plan
  1. waterdrinkingman says:

    agree, good plan. except for the cargo.

    would be nice to see three alternative continuations of this story. but don’t let him fail in all three. please.

    KR, cousin

  2. Awesome says:

    On Tuesday a PG&E powerline observation plane crashed and burned a few miles from here. Both the pilot and passenger died. The last panel reminded me of the accident.

  3. mike says:

    Aww. What? We don’t wanna remind people of plane crashes with our cartoons!
    We wanna make people laugh!

    Something tells me you might be referring to the “when” vs “if” . . .
    . . . that’s too bad. =-(

  4. Awesome says:

    No, I didn’t know how to say it earlier when I posted it, but it made me see the comic strip differently. I thought it was hilarious before the plane crash, then afterward it became painful. The smoke from the vegetation fire it spawned is still hanging heavy in the air.

    The front-page story had a picture of the plane. It was burnt down to bare metal and twisted beyond recognition.

    Fly safe, my friends.

  5. mike says:

    Oh, ok. Yes, these things are sad. I have lost many friends in this industry in the last 20 years I’ve been flying. But we still try to focus on the fun and exciting aspect of aviation.

    The other day in July we had a comic scheduled about wing-walkers. The day before our release of the comic Jane Wicker died in that horrible crash in Ohio. We decided to hold on publishing the strip until a later time out of respect for her family and the aviation community….
    But I do take comfort in the fact that most of my friends died doing something they loved and usually very quickly.
    This is dangerous business. But it’s also part of the reason why so many of us are drawn to it…..

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