Welcome back, Sally!

This might well be the first time that the Roost Air crew is putting tears of happiness into her eyes. It’s good to feel appreciated by your coworkers! But it seems to also matter how that appreciation is articulated.

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One comment on “Welcome back, Sally!
  1. MalikTous says:

    Hans you d#%$! The right way would have been to show her the new iRobot automated office cleanup tools. For Chuck, he should have volunteered to provide flight practise supervision (she should get her flying lesson from someone less quirky) as he shows her the nice new Bunn-o-Matic automatic coffee machine (less mindless work for her again), and for the mechanic, he should have dug out the catalogue so she can choose her new (well, she’s going to rebuild a classic with him) airplane for when she gets her pilot’s ticket. She would still do some receptionist/secretarial duties, but would now be another pilot with associated pay raise. That’s proper appreciation, and she’s likely to be a better pilot than Chuck too…

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