Experts at work

When dealing with unknown machinery, nothing beats the scientific approach, the step by step analysis that Chuck and Nobu demonstrate so exemplarily here. Nothing but consulting the manual, of course. But if you’re anything like me, you will keep every manual of every little thing you buy, only to not be able to find it when you really need it. Come to think of it, I must be really desperate if I resort to the manual, which makes it all the more frustrating if you can’t find it!

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2 comments on “Experts at work
  1. Rob de Vries says:

    Where is Sparks when you need him?

  2. JKelley says:

    Reminds me of engineers who can write programmes for any computer going – but don’t realise that the OHP isn’t working because IT’S NOT PLUGGED INTO THE WALL…

    (I’m not bitter – HELL NO!)

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