Chuck wants to buy a … what?

No wonder Chuck’s corsair takes forever to get finished. Seems like he has the attention span of a hamster on speed and comes up with new projects, plans and ideas to distract him on a more than daily basis.

Incidentially, I don’t think many of us aren’t too different in that respect, are we? I know that I have enough ideas, plans and things I want to do that would last me for ten lifetimes. I never really understood how some people could be “bored”. Except maybe for waiting in a waiting room or airport, I can’t remember the last time I was bored.

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2 comments on “Chuck wants to buy a … what?
  1. Fbs says:

    You named it : it´s the wait that is boring ! Whereever and whatever for it takes place. Including waiting at the office for the week end to come…:-)

    Yes, it´s unfortunately monday today

  2. Jad' says:

    I once want to buy a ride on a MiG-25 to the “edge of space” from Space Adventures.
    The 5 days package include a visit of Baikonour, a centrifuge ride simulating a Soyouz launching, a flight jacket souvenir, personnal photograph and video, and of course the 25km high flight in a MiG-25…
    And when I got enought money, it was teminated 🙁
    They do Sukoy 29 flight now. Not my cup of tea… prefer space !

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