Real smart men

Don’t you hate it, when some smartass (and by that, dear reader, I refer to the animal, not the body part (inside joke)) comes along and tells you what you’re doing wrong? And don’t you hate it even more if that smartass is actually right? I know I do. Or I would, if I was ever wrong about anything!

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4 comments on “Real smart men
  1. reynard61 says:

    “We’re not airworthy! We’re not airworthy!”

  2. Scott says:

    There’s a reason women aren’t loved in the hangar, it’s because they can’t spin an oil filter off with their hands….:-)

  3. JKelley says:

    Dunno – when doing an oil change on my Jeep, the only tools I need are a 9/16″ box wrench and a funnel…

  4. krummy says:

    What’s even worse is the clown who asks your opinion, and then proceeds to tell you why you are totally wrong! Equus africanus asinus!

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