Well, that seems to conclude this strange series of events. It figures that Hans is the one who spoils the fun again. Anyway, it will be a relief for all those people out there who already bought a Virgin Galactic ticket!

By the way, everytime we draw a mini series and the publish it on our website, we get so many great ideas what could happen next and how to take the storyline into different directions. It actually made me think: Maybe we should start an open-ended story and let you guys decide what should happen next by letting you vote or give feedback in our forum or our Facebook page. But we’d have to wait for a time when I don’t have a hundred other things keeping my busy and know that I’ll have enough time to draw the strips quickly enough. And Mike has to be available too, which isn’t that easy, since he’s always flying around the country. But I kinda like the idea. I’m sure we’ll make it happen!

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4 comments on “Sacrifice
  1. Delta-v says:

    I’m not sure of the wisdom of letting people who don’t write a web comic (most of us) dictate plotlines to people who have proven that they can do it well (you guys). I’d be happier with us submitting ideas and you seeing what sparks your imagination–sort of like you do now.

    But hey! It’s your strip!

  2. mike says:

    I think what he meant is have you guys take the story in a certain direction. We’ll still do the punch lines! 😉
    Some of you have come up with some great stories and lines in the past so I wouldn’t be too worried. And it won’t be “The New Chicken Wings” or anything but rather a (maybe one-time) experiment to see where the journey takes us…..

  3. Awesome says:

    I am not sure if you guys would be familiar with the “Choose your Own Adventure” type of story, but you could do something similar to that. It’s a lot of work on your part though. You have to write a story with branching storylines, then let people pick what will happen at key plot points. I’ve seen it done through emails before. “Send an email for A if you want A to happen, B if you want B to happen.”

    Just thought I’d throw that out there.

  4. stef says:

    @Delta-v: Well, we certainly won’t be dictated to! 😉 But we could look at all the suggestions and then pick what we ourselves consider to be funny. Don’t underestimate the power of collective brainstorming! There’s a reason why sitcom writers work in teams.

    @Awesome: Yes! I remember those! I used to read a couple of those fantasy books when I was a kid. And I’ve also seen it done via email.

    Well, it was just an idea. We’ll see if we’ll actually get around to it in the future. As I mentioned before, a few stars would have to align first anyway.

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