Annoying whining noise

What is worse? A strange noise you hear, or a strange noise you hear for a little while that stops as soon as you start getting to the bottom of it? In case of an annoying whining noise as in this strip, we can all agree that it’s probably better if it just stops.

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3 comments on “Annoying whining noise
  1. JP Kalishek says:

    I hear annoying whining noise far too often. they listen to a really bad pop country station at work. I’d hate the station if it played my kind of tunes … annoying call sign between every song, in the middle of the commercial breaks (that run on and on and on … and on) and often the dj talking over the songs (and constantly spouting the call sign as well), add in the talentless “New Country” lineup and I’m looking to get violent.

  2. Fred W says:

    In the air, either is bad, neither worse than the other. Another thing that causes pinched cheeks is odd smells when you’re close to the ground, especially something that smells oily or electrical: Is it coming from the ground via air vents, or from something on the airplane…

  3. mike says:

    Ever notice how you can hear all kinds of strange sounds you’ve never heard before when you’re flying way off-shore or high in the mountains?

    The less places you have to go in an emergency, the weirder and more pronounced the sounds get…

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