Report traffic in sight

It sure is better to see the traffic from up above than from down below. Although, the best thing is to see no traffic at all, which would be such an easy thing to do if other people would be a little bit more considerate about my schedule. But as Confucius said, “You are not just in the traffic jam, you are the traffic jam.”

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7 comments on “Report traffic in sight
  1. Mike Porter says:

    Isn’t Chuck sitting on the wrong side of the helicopter?

  2. G~man says:

    Nope—he is flying a Hughes 500, (although now it is an MD 500), and the pilot sits on the left in that helicopter. There are also conversions for most helicopters to allow you to fly from the left for doing external load work.

  3. Russell Hedges says:

    Hey, Mike’s right! I love in movies when the star is in the “Pilot’s Seat” and flies off to do some cool stunt, just don’t ask who that guy in the right seat is though!

  4. mike says:

    No Mike, he’s sitting on the right side, I mean the “correct” side. In helicopters we’re not as picky with the seats, especially in the earlier models. The Hughes 500 models are flown from the left.

    In a lot of tour helicopters they switched the pilot seat to the left as well (even if they originally were built to be piloted from the right) to get the collective out of the way and fit more seats into the “first row”. And in the utility world I fly in, we often longline from the left because it’s more comfortable. For example on the medium helicopters (Bell 205, 212, UH-1) we fly from the right but then switch to the left for vertical loads.
    Then, in most big helicopters with 2 crew (Crane, Chinook, etc.) you’re back to the standard captain on the left, FO on the right…..

  5. MalikTous says:

    Hey Chuck, t\you’re almost as bad as that story where the lady abandoned her stalled car in the middle of the city traffic jam and threw her car keys at the following horn-hog taxi driver as she walked off to the subway or elevated railway, then ends up being acquitted in the trial for ‘causing a major traffic jam’ when the judge admits to non-emergency horn overuse elsewhere in the gridlock…

  6. Karl Winters says:

    Better bumper-to-bumper on the freeway than on the runway. Last year I was cleared to land on 11L at Rocky Mountain Metro whilst some bozo who had been cleared for takeoff just sat on the numbers! Without prompting from the inattentive controller, “N9908K going around!”

  7. Matte says:

    On the runnway it would be “prop-to-rudder” surely?

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