What it takes to become a pilot

I think the most important characteristic you can have to achieve any goal in life, is determination. If you really, really want it, and you have the ability to go through adversity, there will be a way. And if it was easy, the feeling of reward and sense of achievement would be much less. Oh, yes, and no matter what you’re trying to achieve, money always helps too.

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5 comments on “What it takes to become a pilot
  1. avfreak says:

    The instructor I had for my intro flight told me I should first go around taking more intro flights to fill up my sample log book before taking actual lessons because the real thing cost 2x more. 😛

  2. Top Bunk says:

    Gosh, you can get all this training for free in the Air Force.

  3. TomV says:

    Not everyone, Top Bunk. The physical requirements for admission to USAF flight training are far more stringent than the 3rd class physical required for a private pilot.

  4. MB1 says:

    Hey Top Bunk, you also get a snazzy 10 year commitment wherein you’ll be flying desk still at 0-5 pay while the civilian peers are pulling down six digits plus working overseas jobs.

  5. mike says:

    would you really want this chicken in the USAF?

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