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Jan 3New EAA calendar
Jan 5FAA surprise visit
Jan 10Snowing hard
Jan 12Thunderstorm
Jan 14Emergency landing
Jan 19Landing time
Jan 24The Swamp – Guest strip by Gary Clark
Jan 31Engine noise
Feb 14Rusty wrench
Feb 16Rusty wrench 2
Feb 18Rusty wrench 3
Feb 21Yay! Vacation!
Mar 1A real aviator
Mar 3Scarf Ace
Mar 8Life or death decision
Mar 10Skydivers
Mar 13Life insurance
Mar 15Aviation buff
Mar 24Look what I got!
Mar 27Boeing Chinook
Mar 29Flawless kite
Mar 31Go fly a kite
Apr 7Broken seal
Apr 10Ancient native dance
Apr 24Aviation event for Chuck’s corsair
Apr 26Peanuts
May 1Why do I have to pay you?
May 3Let’s fly!
May 8Fixing the radio
May 12Party on the airliner
May 15Give me your wallet
May 19Soda-can supercharger
May 22Screws in a box
Jun 12Fixing things
Jun 19Helping clean the plane
Jun 23The old Skymaster
Jun 30Summertime
Jul 17Landing in Oshkosh
Jul 19Oshkosh Approach
Jul 21Yellow Piper Cub
Jul 24Meet the authors
Jul 28I dropped my phone
Jul 31Surprise birthday present
Aug 2Perfectly safe airplane
Aug 7Chuck’s birthday jump
Aug 25Electric airplane
Aug 28Expedite your approach
Sep 15What to buy?
Sep 29Non-profit organization
Oct 9Secret of success
Oct 11Performance scale
Oct 13Uh-oh!
Oct 16Exclusive Images of Felix Baumgartners jump!
Nov 13Sweet Dogfight
Nov 20Tech talk
Nov 23Laurie
Nov 27Coffee all over the cockpit
Dec 7Chuck in a flak jacket
Dec 11Chuck’s Christmas wish
Dec 14Santa Hans
Dec 18On Santa’s lap
Dec 21Remember, remember …