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With this strip you are officially looking at one of my all-time favorite strips we have ever made! It was a lot of fun to come up with real sounding and somewhat plausible technical expressions and we now know how the actors on “The Big Bang Theory” must feel.

Although we’re amazed afterwards about how quick Chuck and Julio are on their feet when it comes to avoiding work. We think they might have rehearsed this conversation a time or two before …
It took us at least a half hour of research, although I have to admit that there was a lot of giggling involved.

And speaking of giggling: I also remember that our dear friend Rob, the “Tumbling Bear”, laughed at this strip literally all day. His wife kept texting me “he is STILL laughing!” 😉

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14 comments on “Tech talk
  1. Jeff Beck says:

    Google ” rockwell retro encabulator ” for more not real tech terms

  2. Stephen Cooper says:

    I love this strip! I am a communications guy in the Air Force and it is far too common that technicians try to confuse customers with overly technical jargon. I used to supervise a young Airman who tried to tell a 30-year Chief Master Sergeant that he had to go back and recharge his flux capacitor, and would bring it back out later. Of course, just this once, that Chief happened to be the #1 expert in the Air Force on this piece of equipment, so I had to stop laughing at my young Airman long enough to …. come up with an appropriate punishment.

  3. warbirdali says:

    As a side item I love the fact that Chuck has an undershirt and is that a bandana so he can do manly work. And a fine, muscle-bound erm “Specimen” he is too….

  4. JetNoise says:

    Some of us do this exact thing to the asst site manager at work… he generally is clueless about working on them, even though he thinks is the biggest expert there…

  5. Top Bunk says:

    The Heisenberg Converter may exist… or maybe not. We can always ask Schrodenger’s cat. Great comic strip!

  6. Allstar says:

    In a previous strip, Hans has to look up what a magneto is. The thing is, small GA airplanes are VERY simple machines, mechanically speaking.

  7. reynard61 says:

    @ Top Bunk: It’s actually called the “Heisenberg Compensator”. It’s purpose (in the “Star Trek” universe, at least) is to adjust the warp field so that Space/Time inside of it remains parallel to that on the outside; otherwise, characters inside of a starship traveling at warp speed would age far more slowly relative to those in “regular” space. (Yes, I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to ST physics…)

  8. Deja Moo says:

    I’m a retired Navy Electronics Tech (60’s & 70’s), I sometimes got the same results by describing, accurately but technically, what I was actually doing.

  9. piet03 says:

    I have advised faculty that I had to create ultra high impedance gaseous circuit with a manual delay mechanism then revert to Cu/Si circuit causing the system to revert to the default

    In other words, I unplugged it counted to ten and plugged it back in

  10. kkrummy says:

    HA! I just told one of my customers his reflux inversion triangulator was tilted and he said, “Yea, that happened once before”!!!!

  11. mike says:

    HAHA! That’s awesome kkrummy!

    I need to remember that one next time we do a strip like this!

  12. mike says:

    btw, clever, piet03!
    I like it!

  13. A. Tramp says:

    I m not english native, but i work for a big supplier for aircraft industry, as mechanical drafter, I just think, when I speak about mechanical parts (deflashing is my last english word learned) in my native langage it look like the cartoon. And technical english is really incredible when you passed the level of screw, nuts and ring….

  14. eekee says:

    Sometimes I think the best acting on Star Trek TNG was Levar Burton keeping a straight face.

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